Wishes on Winter


Winter has coming
And the snow was fallin
That closed all the way
And now i just see one color on my way
Just white
Shine.. beautiful but cold
I want to touch it
And then i do… so do you know what i’m feel
It’s so cold.. really really cold
I never see the snow before
But.. i miss the other color in this winter
Cause i didn’t have someone to talk
Nobody on beside me
So i just sit in here..  alone and quite
Wish than someone in my dream come to my life.. my true life..
The real person that i can touch
Not gone when i open my eyes
Im really missed
So.. i talk to the moon
Tonight.. can i meet with him ?
I want hug him.. i miss so much
But he not real
He just my imagination
He life so cool
Makes me happy in everytime
But.. when i feel the happibes dream
My real life is so sick.. hurting my heart
Like the knife than cut my soul .. it’ s so sharp
Now.. i can’t feel anything
I wish i can get my heart anf my soul again
Like on the past..please
Winter.. give me a good memories.. please


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