Just separation 

Like a wind

We just knowing each other without having each other

We just meet without together

What we feel about our heart it just on a while

Someday …

I wish that we will meet again

I don’t know how long we will stay with our opinion

We may not be together

Its caused we have a different way

Im on right ..you on left

Always different

This separation may forever , or maybe not
The moon was gone on this tonight

Disappear .. and the star just peek behind the sky

of course I miss you

missed how good your attitude
Missed how good your humor

Missed how good your thinking

All about you 

perhaps it is appropriate that I forget you
because this is all just an illusion 
Its just wind.. refreshing moment

And then gone 

Forever without former 
By : Umi nursalasa 

November 22, 2016


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