Because Maybe

Oh hello

Good morning to everyone on this world haha šŸ˜‚

This tuesday i’m on free

So i think it’s better to write somethin

But,i don’t have a good idea to tell

You know why  ? 

Cause maybe my heart was empty

I want to love someone

I want to hate 

I want feel anything 

But why i can’t ?

I think i’m in love with him

For the first time i see his smile

His voice 

All of him

Sometime i wish that we could be a couple

Enjoying the time together

In everywhere

Give a lot of love to each other

But in reality that so impossible

Cause maybe just me someone who fall in love

Not you 

I must treat my heart again

If i always like this

Maybe i’ll get hurt on this life until whenever 
By: Umi Nursalasa 


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