I need

I need someone who will always care about me

What i do

what i like

What i hate

someone who love me in everytime

even bad or good

even rich or poor

even beautiful or worst

i need

i feel alone to walk the future

No one beside me

they jusr care about theirselves

So they forget

I got a big pain

hurt that make me always afraid

scare to fight

and lost in the dark way

I need a hand

to hold me when

to support me

not to judge me

i need your worried

to make myself confident that  i’m still got a love from other

even it’s just  a little


My daily by Umi Nursalasa


About us

Kau tahu rasanya lama tidak berpuisi dengan kalima indah ?

Tentu saja rasanya gelisah. bagaimana tidak, semula aku bisa menulis ribuan kata dengan konotasi mengagumkan, namun sekarang. jangankan ribuan, satu kata indah dengan arti saja akku sudah susah

oh tidak !ini mungkin salahku terlalu larut dalam kenikmatan melihat saja tanpa mencermati kata – kata

Aku terlupa dengan jutaan kata yang menanti tuk digunakan

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Because Maybe

Oh hello

Good morning to everyone on this world haha 😂

This tuesday i’m on free

So i think it’s better to write somethin

But,i don’t have a good idea to tell

You know why  ? 

Cause maybe my heart was empty

I want to love someone

I want to hate 

I want feel anything 

But why i can’t ?

I think i’m in love with him

For the first time i see his smile

His voice 

All of him

Sometime i wish that we could be a couple

Enjoying the time together

In everywhere

Give a lot of love to each other

But in reality that so impossible

Cause maybe just me someone who fall in love

Not you 

I must treat my heart again

If i always like this

Maybe i’ll get hurt on this life until whenever 
By: Umi Nursalasa