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Kau tahu rasanya lama tidak berpuisi dengan kalima indah ?

Tentu saja rasanya gelisah. bagaimana tidak, semula aku bisa menulis ribuan kata dengan konotasi mengagumkan, namun sekarang. jangankan ribuan, satu kata indah dengan arti saja akku sudah susah

oh tidak !ini mungkin salahku terlalu larut dalam kenikmatan melihat saja tanpa mencermati kata – kata

Aku terlupa dengan jutaan kata yang menanti tuk digunakan

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Just separation 

Like a wind

We just knowing each other without having each other

We just meet without together

What we feel about our heart it just on a while

Someday …

I wish that we will meet again

I don’t know how long we will stay with our opinion

We may not be together

Its caused we have a different way

Im on right ..you on left

Always different

This separation may forever , or maybe not
The moon was gone on this tonight

Disappear .. and the star just peek behind the sky

of course I miss you

missed how good your attitude
Missed how good your humor

Missed how good your thinking

All about you 

perhaps it is appropriate that I forget you
because this is all just an illusion 
Its just wind.. refreshing moment

And then gone 

Forever without former 
By : Umi nursalasa 

November 22, 2016

About my feel

‚ÄčThis is something about my feelings.

Feeling empty and lonely that breaks my heart

sometimes I feel lonely see the crowd around me

But my conscience will always affirm my love and my God

Sometimes envied those who freely to do anything

But after it, I was aware of how much sin I make if I dared to do it

Now feeling really afraid of my God to be bigger than before

Although not fully changed to the better

I kept trying to break the ice in myself

Melt all feeling stiff and turn it into a beautiful spring

Umi Nursalasa